Artistic Postcards

I create art.  If you also create art, then please read on.  I am looking for talented artists from all over the world who would like to create and submit a work of art in the size of a postcard for inclusion on this website.  

I created this new art form as a means of self expression to showcase the diverse talent from all around the globe and invite artists that want to be included in this online gallery to create and submit a work of art of their own to share their techniques with others across the internet.

I will add all artistic postcards I receive that adhere to the guidelines below, so submit a work of art today and tell your friends about...

Artistic Postcards . . . the new art form!

Guidelines For Artistic Postcards:
  • The artwork submitted must be of average postcard size: 4"x 6".

  • The artwork must be able to be viewed by all ages and not contain anything deemed inappropriate.

  • The artwork must only contain visual imagery as it must be able to be understood and interpreted by a global audience.

  • The work of art must have been created by the sender or sent by a parent of the artist.

  • The work of art  must be actually mailed and have the actual postmark from where the artist lives to add to the authenticity of the work of art.


To have one of your postcards included on this website, please address and mail to: 

Michelle Kirk

14 Silver Spur Lane

Bell Canyon, CA  91307


Additional Information

By submitting your work of art you agree to the following:  

All works of art submitted become the property of the recipient and may be used in any manner including but not limited to inclusion on this website, in advertising, in books, in publications or in any media whatsoever without any compensation to the artist.  The artist's name, date and name of the work of art will always be included with the work of art to give proper acknowledgement to the artist.  You must be over 18 years of age to submit a work of art yourself.  If you are under age 18, you must have your parents permission by having them submit it for you and including their information on the work of art as well.  For example:  "This work of art is being submitted by (parent's name here), the parent of (name of artist goes here), who is age (age goes here)."  By submitting this information, the parent agrees to the above conditions on behalf of their child and agrees to allow any information they submit to be included with the work of art as well at the discretion of the recipient.

*Special Note: To receive proper credit, remember to sign, date and name your work of art!


As I am currently updating the gallery, check back later as it will be available soon!

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